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Actuator solution
- Mar 20, 2017 -

An actuator is a device that receives control information in an automation technology tool and exerts control over a controlled object.

Actuator industry As the business continues to expand and increase the number of customers, sales staff in the management of the customer to feel very difficult, they said that the management of 30 customers with a spreadsheet or acceptable, do not know how to do. At the same time the CEOs of the sales staff turnover, sales process management and so encountered a lot of trouble. In order to improve the company's sales performance, to facilitate the sales staff of the customer management and sales of sales staff and customers, customers are the most valuable resources, and the actuator industry, a high concentration of customer resources, customer resource management for energy-saving equipment It is particularly important. But with the company's sales outlets continue to increase, customer information are often scattered in the branches, and for the management of customer resources is also limited to the relevant sales staff, institutions and agencies, headquarters and agencies and even the same institutions of the two sales staff , The customer information is often not shared, the most troublesome is that once the sales staff to leave, then the company will lose a considerable part of the customer, the long run, the consequences worrying. Therefore, the establishment of a scientific customer relationship management system, build a highly efficient and lasting customer resource sharing platform.