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The characteristics of helical rotary actuator
- Mar 19, 2018 -

The  helical rotary actuator adopts helical meshing form to transform the linear motion of the piston to the swing motion of the output shaft, which is characterized by extremely high efficiency.The helical rotary actuator is an assembly tight fitting that uses hydraulic pressure to assemble very high torque in a very small space.Although the power is high, they can still be controlled precisely and easily, applied to areas requiring limited rotational motion and high torque.In order to achieve effective and reliable functions, high manufacturing accuracy is required.

Characteristics of rotary actuator:

A. Double seal on the drive shaft.

B. Internal spiral structure, small external dimension and large output torque.

C. Maximum swing Angle of 1500 degrees.

D. Standard operating pressure is 21Mpa, maximum to 32Mpa.

E. Swing accuracy can be reduced to 10 points.

F. Double flat key drive shaft or spline shaft (DIN 5480)

G. There are 18 series sizes, and the maximum torque can reach 250,000 Nm.

H. Size of each series has four corners: 90 °, 180 °, 270 ° and 360 °

The strength and reliability of a small body based on the helical rotary actuator can not be perceived.The most powerful HKS actuator can move 20 vw Golf cars from one side to the other.The design is based on a system with multiple helical gears.The linear motion of the piston is transformed into a rotary motion by multiple helical gears.The longer the motion of the piston, the greater the Angle of rotation.

The inside of the actuator is well protected and can be completely dustproof and anti-fouling.This precision is accompanied by a well-sealed shell, which can withstand the pressure of 350bar.The actuator can also be used in very poor conditions, under the ground and under 2,000 meters below sea level.The longer the linear motion of the piston, the greater the rotation motion.Applied to medicines and food processing industries requiring high cleanliness and health care.Based on the small size of the actuator, strength and reliability cannot be perceived.

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