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How The Valve Driver Works
- Jul 21, 2017 -

Valve Driver Features 24V AC Voltage Synchronous Reversible Motor

The action of the use of gear transmission, the output gear screw group with a rotation around the central axis of the rolling bearing, the valve shaft is the use of central screw pipe and positioning disc

Valve driver works VA7000 drive is driven by a reversible synchronous motor, Valve Control Actuators and with a magnetic clutch, the motor through the motor rotor and the clutch produced by the magnetic effect, can stand in the case of a stable torque. So when the motor does not have the current through the stability of the pause at any point, Valve Control Actuators when the valve is fully open or fully closed when the magnetic clutch separation, stop the adjustment. The signal sent by the incremental or proportional controller of the drive enables the motor to rotate clockwise or reverse.

 A valve driver is a device used to operate a valve and connect it to a valve. Valve Control Actuators The device can be driven by a power source in the form of manual, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic or its combination, and its motion can be controlled by the magnitude of the stroke, torque or axial thrust. The choice of the valve driver is based on the type and performance of the valve driver, depending on the type of valve, Valve Control Actuators the operating specifications of the device and the position of the valve on the line or device.

Valve drive according to the movement can be divided into straight and angular travel two. Straight drive device that is multi-rotary valve driver, mainly applicable to all types of gate valve, globe valve and throttle, etc .; angular travel device that is only 90 ° Valve Control Actuators corner rotation part of the rotary drive, mainly for all types of Ball valve, butterfly valve and so on.

The valve driver can be divided into manual (handle hand wheel type, spring lever type), electric (electromagnetic type, electric type), pneumatic (diaphragm type, cylinder type, blade type, air engine type, film and ratchet combination type) , Hydraulic (hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic motor), linkage (electro-hydraulic linkage, gas-liquid linkage), and other forms.

In all types of valve actuators, the electric device dominates, it is mainly used in closed-circuit valves.

Pneumatic devices have been widely used in explosion-proof applications, including thin-film pneumatic devices are mainly used in the control valve. Valve Control Actuators The hydrodynamic device is widely used on natural emergency shut-off valves and wellhead ejectors on long-haul pipelines.

Manual handwheels, most of which are mounted on low, medium pressure shutoff valves and gate valves;

Handle is used for high pressure and high pressure cut-off valve, ball valve and cock and other valves.

Gas-liquid linkage device, used for gas pipeline, no power of the field, its power source that is the gas pipeline.