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The Rotary Drive Is Independent Of The Movement
- Jul 21, 2017 -

A rotary actuator is an actuator that converts the electrical pulse signal it receives into an angular displacement. When the rotary drive receives an electrical pulse signal, it drives its stepper motor to rotate a fixed angular displacement (we call it "step angle") in the direction originally set, Rotary Actuators and its rotation is fixed by a fixed The angle of the step by step to run. We can control the amount of pulses sent by the number of pulses to control the amount of displacement, so as to achieve the purpose of precise positioning; At the same time we can control the frequency of its pulse signal to control the speed and acceleration of its stepper motor rotation, Rotary Actuators thus To achieve its speed and positioning purposes. Widely used in a variety of engraving machine, crystal grinding machine, medium-sized CNC machine tools, EEG embroidery machine, packaging machinery, fountains, dispenser, cutting material feeding system, and so on some of the higher resolution of large, medium-sized CNC equipment on.

The rotary drive includes a support structure; and a linear actuator supported by the support structure. Wherein the linear actuator comprises: a first member; a second member that moves in a linear direction with respect to the first member when a driving signal is applied to the linear actuator; and a bearing Wherein the bearing arrangement supports the first member and the second member within the support structure and enables the first member and the second member to be independently movable relative to the support structure. Rotary Actuators The rotational drive further includes a linear to rotary converter, the second member of the linear actuator being coupled to the linear to rotary converter. The linear to rotary converter includes an output member having a rotation axis. During operation, Rotary Actuators the linearly to rotary converter converts the linear reciprocating motion of the second member of the linear actuator into rotational movement of the output member about the axis of rotation.

The rotary drive includes a precision bearing fixed on the fixed base plate, an output shaft mounted on the inner ring of the precision bearing, a clamping mechanism arranged at the inner end of the output shaft, a first driving mechanism and a second driving mechanism, respectively, A first piezoelectric mechanism driver and a second piezoelectric ceramic actuator, the center of the output shaft being on the short axis of the clamping mechanism, Rotary Actuators the first piezoelectric actuator and the second piezoelectric ceramic actuator And the output shaft of the output shaft is not on the short axis of the first drive mechanism and the second drive mechanism. The invention also discloses a driving method of the driver. The invention transforms the linear displacement of the output of the piezoelectric ceramic driver into angular displacement, The coordination of the piezoelectric ceramic driver to achieve the rotation of the drive device, Rotary Actuators and also has a compact, small size, light weight characteristics.