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Valve Actuator For All Types Of Gate Valves
- Jul 10, 2017 -

A valve driver is a device used to operate a valve and connect it to a valve. The device can be driven by a power source of manual, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic or combination forms, and the motion process can be controlled by the size of stroke, torque or axial thrust. Choice of valve actuator to fully understand the type and performance of the valve actuator, depending on the type of valve, Valve Control Actuators the working specifications of the device, and the position of the valve in the pipeline or device.

The valve actuator can be divided into two kinds of straight stroke and angular travel according to the movement mode. The direct travel drive device is a multiple rotary valve driver, which is mainly applicable to all kinds of gate valves, globe valve and throttle valve, Valve Control Actuators and so on, the angular stroke drive device, which is only a part of Rotary 90° turning angle, is mainly applicable to all kinds of ball valves, butterfly valves and so on.

The valve drive can be divided into manual (handle handwheel type, Spring lever type) according to energy form. Electric (electromagnetic, motor-type), pneumatic (diaphragm type, cylinder type, vane type, air engine type, film and ratchet combination), liquid (hydraulic cylinder type, hydraulic motor type), linkage (electro-hydraulic linkage, gas-liquid linkage), and other forms.

In various types of valve drivers, the electric device dominates, it is mainly used in closed-circuit valves.

The pneumatic device is widely used in explosion-proof requirements, Valve Control Actuators in which the membrane-type pneumatic device is mainly used in the regulating valve. The hydraulic device is widely used in the natural emergency shut-off valve and the wellhead discharge valve on the long-distance pipeline.

Hand-operated handwheel, most of which are installed on low, Valve Control Actuators medium pressure cut-off valves and gate valves;

The handle is used for high-pressure and ultra-high pressure cut-off valve, ball valve and Plug and other valves.

Gas-liquid linkage device, used in gas transmission pipeline, no power in the field, its power source is a pipeline of gases.