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Valve Control Actuators

  • Batterfly Valve Actuators

    Batterfly Valve Actuators

    Specifications Torque 30 to 4800 Nm Operating Pressure 135 bar (option available for 60 and 90 bar) Test Pressure 1.5 times working pressure Burst Pressure 675 bar Ambient Temperature -20°C to +80°C Weight 8.6 to 441 kg. Oil Displacement 0.026 to 6.1 litre Rotation 90° ±1° Hydraulic Media and...Read More

  • Ball Valve Actuators

    Ball Valve Actuators

    Valve Remote Control System Complete, scalable and dedicated to marine needs Electro-hydraulic control ◆ Highlights: 1.No hydraulic piping needed 2.Minimal energy and oil use 3.Lightweight and small power unit 4.Compatible with counterbalance valve 5.Safe and durable ◆ Introduction: The Weihai...Read More